Monday, September 29, 2008

My best friend just turned 21!!!

Wat a day and it cudn't have got better than this.
My pal of 11 years turned 21 on the 28th of september and boy oh boy was it amazing.I enjoyed it to the "T"...
Most of the time i've seen people gifting real special gifts on 21st birthdays and throwing very exciting parties.
But here i guess both of us are a lil hatke.
While her theme party was a very unique "Casino nite"
Through my gift i decided to celebrate the 11years we've known each other instead of going with the conventional 21 gifts....
So i created a basket of goodies called da "21st b'day hamper"
It had 11 gifts to represent the 11 years we've known each other... and each gift had a roll of paper tied to it on which i had written a poem which connected a message to the gift.
She loved it and i'm just so happie ya.....
i enjoyed the party as well............the entire casino style experience was just awesome.
won't forget this day........

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Five Pandavaz!!!!

People around me claim i am in love. I say no..........but the more i deny it the stronger they believe it. Best way out...confuse them. Now they are sure i am in love but with whom????? Thats the puzzle they are out to solve.

There are 5 amazing guys in my college better than the other. To me they are all good friends but to the third eye each one is a prospective so called boyfriend. Lets start off with "KEiKU" whom i usually call "COOKIE".

First thing u'll notice about him are his eyes......and if hez in a state of motion then his out of the world walk. A complete Punjabi, not judgemental at all, very affectionate, loves food, very loving and caring but also at times could come forward as a very insensitive non caring person. Don't judge him or misunderstand him before you get to know him. And not to forget about all da chic flicks who go ga ga over him....wonder what they see in him. Hez an awesome actor and performer. He has inherited a salman khan trait of taking his shirt off at any time............not to make an impression but just coz he feels hot........ :)

Next in is "Menonz"...................a complete sweetheart at that. Quite sensitive and observant to others needs and i must admit quite mature for his age. His best Feature has gotta be his Butt that sticks out. He loves food, Films and fun. Is a very good actor but i dun think others know that yet.... Quite straightforward and very caring. Hates me when i confuse him with mad feelings and emotions at odd times.... Overall a guy who has his own share of chic admirers.....
Go get him gals coz i think he knows to cook as well...

Hmmm!!! Next in is my dear Hubby, RACERboi!!!! Yup hez the ulmitate guy. He has indulged himself into Racing which is his passion and his first love. Quite principled and straight forward he has a rare sense of humour. He can cook and clean and has strong views against MCPs.
And inspite of all theses rare qualities, he aint gay. now dats a plus point. Well i call him Hubby cos he is my husband iun the college famlily and oh i'm so proud of him.....we have adopted a son as well together......just for kicks....

Next one to grace this position is...........

suspense trails on....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


"I feared CHANGE, Until I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly had to undergo a METAMORPHOSIS before it could fly."

I read this line somewhere some years ago and i am not ashamed to say, a line as simple as the above changed my outlook towards what i till date refered to as LIFE. I realised the meaning of the phrase, 'the pen is mightier than the sword.' Word power is what i call it at this point. The above line is simple yet powerful.... strong enough to change aspects of my life.
I don't quite recall when, why or how i developed a phobia against change, but the closest most sane reason i could come up with was something i would rather not explore. I was about 13yrs old and one of my most powerful interactions with 'drastic change' also coincided to be one of my most sadistic unforgettable moments. I read once, that death doesn't take just the corpse but also a part of the living loved ones. If this holds true then i would say that a part of me was buried six feet under along with my DAD... my best friend.

If i had the describe my first awareness of change it has got to be this...
It felt like someone had just punched to air out of me, a hurricane had just cut my air supply, and most of it i can't even use words to describe.
Heard this phrase, "Once bitten, twice shy."
It quite applies to this scenario. I didn't want anything else to change in my life.
I wouldn't have the ability to tolerate it.
I held on to my old clothes, my old books etc....
I didn't want anything new.... somehow i despised this face of change ie novelty.
But it was around those stubborn times that i came across this line and it changed my life around.
Today i can proudly say I am the most unpredictable person around and i am in love with change. I embrace it with open arms every time it decides to drop by.
Let me clarify that i haven't ventured towards a more extreme approach but just that i have learnt the truth the hard way of course that life is all about change.
If you can't fight it, enjoy it.
I have yet to complete my METAMORPHOSIS, but stepping in the right direction with the right attitude is half the battle won.
I will complete that transformation in the near future and when that happens I'll know i earned it right to the very last change.


Our college festival "KIRAN" completes a decade as we soar into our tenth year. Our theme this year, "UDAAN....CHHULO AASMAAN" completely defines our college outlook. Every year approximately 60 colleges take flight along with us as we are encouraged and cheered on by an audience of over 12000. Our 'flight schedule' includes Fine Arts, Literary Arts, Western Performing Arts, Indian Performing Arts and Sports. If you feel the need to freshen up from a jet lag we have In formals too. Our flight landings include supporting social causes as well as providing entertainment. So join us as we spread our wings and take flight, the sky is the limit.

(Description of my college festival . K.C. College)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boys v/s Girls..............The Battle.

The debate in class............
age old topic.
Boys v/s Girls.
No conclusion, no end.
The usual.......
Thou i Boycotted the Debate
My mind traveled away from the confinement and limitations of the
Just recently a new show had aired on television.
Their strategy was clear.
Girls V/S Boys on the Dance floor.
Interesting usage of an age old unending argument to raise TRPS.
The advertisements as well.....
Products for women.........its a shame shame situation if men use it.
Fair and Lovely v/s Fair and Handsome
Pink v/s Blue
Dolls v/s Cars
Times have changed.
We have travelled way beyond these gender barriers.
Exceptions have taken shape.
Girls talk CARS and Electronics.
Boys talk Fabric and Fashion.
Get Out of The traditional mindset.
We claim to hate each other and yet.....
we seek "Forever" in the other.
Wonder how our passive generation doesn't see thru these cunning, money making tactics.
Stop indulging in an age old argument,
a trend..........."START THINKING".
Ha trick!!!
Wow! Loved it as much as the first time.
Jaane Tu... ya janne nah.
Don't think its just the movie.
Its the company that i enjoyed more.
Could relate to the story as well...
Thou i so dun agree with the end.
Not that i didn't want them together,
Its just that sumtimes ....
You have a different perspective.
People can share that level of closure...
without the want of a romantic twist.
But i still continue to travel sing da songs.......
Paapu can't dance saala... :D


Da alarm cloak ditched me today.
But my Bio cloak didn't.
Its like when your meant to reach somewhere.
Nothing can stop ya.

The sunset is just the beginning!!!

The sunset is just the beginning!!!

Photography Wonders!!!!

Photography Wonders!!!!
Strawberry kisss....